Augustine Noble specialises in international concert tours for orchestras, choirs, and other musical ensembles. With over sixteen years of experience as a participant, tour manager, and tour director, director Cameron Grimes has toured with many musical groups in over twenty countries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Augustine Noble’s bespoke tours are planned with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring our clients can concentrate on the most important part – the music itself. With a fervent passion for travel and an undying devotion to music, it is our promise to work diligently to orchestrate a beautifully organised concert tour.

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Whether your ensemble is looking for a grand venue or something more intimate, Augustine Noble offers a vast array of venues. These range from the traditional to the contemporary, and we always keep an eye out for less conventional venues which show a lot of potential for unique performance opportunities.




From the mountains to the desert, and everything in between, Augustine Noble beautifully navigates concert tours to the most beautiful and inspiring places around the world. 

Our Work

Augustine Noble has the capability to arrange all travel, accommodation, meals and sightseeing aspects of a tour, as well as the concert arrangements, not limited to concert production, instrument transport, the design and production of all promotional and publicity materials.

Please see the list below for a complete list of services:

·      Media advertising

·      Educational & Community Outreach opportunities

·      Concert Tour Manager (offering 24/7 support whilst on tour)

·      All travel arrangements

·      Accommodations & Meal Planning

·      Sightseeing…and more!

·      Concert and rehearsal arrangements (incl. venue selection and hire)

·      Concert production (set-up, backstage, front of house, ticket sales,                 etc.)

·      Instrument transport & documentation

·      Design and production of all promotional and publicity materials

·      Design and production of concert programmes

·      Text translation for concert and publicity literature


Kenwood Concert.jpg

Educational & Community Outreach


We believe in the changing power of music and the positive effects of educational and community outreach.

In addition to formal concerts, we can organise any number of cross-cultural exchange opportunities for your ensemble whilst on tour. This could take the form of a masterclass, musical workshop or demonstration, or a service project through a school, charity, or other organisation.


Musicians from the Royal Academy of Music play a community outreach concert at the historic Kenwood House in London, UK. (pictured right)


British Cathedral Residencies

Most British cathedral choirs take annual leave, typically during the latter half of summer, during which time they invite visiting choirs to their cathedrals for residencies. This gives visiting choirs the opportunity to sing Evensong, Sunday Eucharist, and other weekly services in one of the many prestigious and historic British cathedrals.

If you are a church or cathedral choir practicing Anglican liturgy and wish to apply for a residency, Augustine Noble has a close connection with many cathedrals and can help organise this.

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